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Get discounts for OverLight at G2A. OverLight is an addictive sport with the exceptional theory and laser beams - the correct blocks split, lasers get re directed and intersect, over heat and explode the blocks for which points are received by you. You may also chain the explosions in to combinations, but you should believe quickly, the clock is ticking! Your aim is outdated traditional: Get as many factors as potential. The sport also includes various other characteristics to improve the game play and allow it to be more rich and changed - unique blocks, powerups, energy-downs (awful pests!) and assortment of degrees inseveral sport modes: Arcade mode - you accumulate points and advancement through levels with growing difficulty till you free Time Strike - perform person amounts for a small period of time and make an effort to get maximum score achievable! Cleanup - make an effort to remove all the blocks in the scene with as little moves as possible Puzzle - fix a prearranged puzzle made from blocks

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