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Galactic Civilizations« II: Ultimate Edition Steam Gift

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Get discounts for Galactic Civilizations┬« II: Ultimate Edition Steam Gift at G2A. The award winning expansion pack Dark Avatar, get the entire Galactic Civilizations II saga including the PC strategy game of the year Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords, and the latest expansion pack Twilight of the Arnor! Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords: Galactic Civilizations II is the sequel to 2003's hit change-centered strategy game of exactly the same name. The gamer assumes the job of the leader of a spacefaring culture and must direct its growth in a galaxy. Gamers should balance their economical, technological, diplomatic, cultural, and military strength finally rule the galaxy, battle wars, and to forge alliances. The sport is solitary-player and enables the gamer to perform at random created maps that are galactic or perform through a multi-mission campaign that tells the tale of an old enemy called the Dread Lords. Galactic Civilizations II: Dark Avatar: The expansion pack for Stardock's award winning success strategy game, Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords. This expansion pack provides the content that is standard that expansion packs often do such as a fresh effort, new components and adversaries. It significantly expands the gameplay of Galactic Civilizations II. New characteristics include asteroid belts on the map that can be mined for assets, exceptional planets that need specific technologies to colonize, spies to run sabotage and destabilization (or employed to shield your worlds in the same), new kinds of diplomatic treaties, an increased artificial intelligence engine, and significantly more! Galactic Civilizations II: Twilight of the Arnor: The year is 2227 and the galaxy is being consumed by the fire of war thanks to the exploitation of the Dread Lords that are bad. But the factions, headed by the people, have an agenda to rid the galaxy of the Dread Lords for good. Enlarge the Galactic Civilizations II universe with Panic Stars, unique technology trees per culture, Map editors, Custom Situation makers, effort editors, new kinds of boats, new planetary progress, and significantly more! FeaturesBeautiful 3D motor provides planets, stars, asteroids and boat conflicts to life. Create custom 3D boats bit-by-bit with your Shipyard.Play as any of several special cultures or produce your own. Multiple paths to success: technological supremacy, ethnic domination, political alliance, Military conquest or ascension. Gameplay: Dynamic galaxies including tiny to enormous. Exceptional multi-threaded synthetic intelligence empowers computer gamers to offer challenging without needing to cheat. Place online and take on gamers from around the world. Moddable layout that is totally empowers players to create scenarios, images and exceptional adversaries. Advanced diplomacy empowers players to trade, make pacts, alliances and more. Program RequirementsOperating program:Windows® XP SP3 / Vista™ SP2 / Windows® 7Processor: Intel® Pentium® III 1 GHz (or AMD equivalent)Memory: 512 M B (1 GB for Windows 7 / Vista)hard drive area: 2 GBVideo:64 M B DirectX 9.0c Appropriate Movie CardSound: DirectX® 9.0c Compatible Audio CardDirectX®: DirectX® 9.0c

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