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Lifeless Planet Steam Gift

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Get discounts for Lifeless Planet Steam Gift at G2A. While seeking lifestyle on a distant world, an astronaut finds an abandoned Russian city. He imagines his assignment is a fraud until a mysterious young girl saves him from an unexpected and fatal happening... Dead Planet is a third person motion-journey which includes an oldschool scifi storyline and surroundings that are stunning in the heart of traditional motion-adventures. After a difficult landing in the world, the astronaut finds the planet that has been reported to be loaded with life is rather a wasteland. He makes a discovery: proof that people have been to this world years past when he goes hunting for his crew! When he comes up on an abandoned Soviet-period city that is Russian, he fights to make sense of his assignment. Did his lightspeed journey to earth send straight back him ? Or is this some Cold War that is odd ? Along the way, the astronaut and a Russian girl, Aelita, who's able to endure the hostile environment of earth meet. Through an unique phenomenon, the earth is caused by her epidermis under her toes. The gamer must use these luminous tracks past dangerous and lethal hazards as helpful information across earth. Is she directing him to security... or an untimely dying? Cold War age science fiction tales inspired lifeless World, presenting questions about man's wish to have area journey. What will happen if you journeyed to another world across the galaxy, and then find people had previously been there? What type of man would join an one way assignment, leaving planet Earth and everybody they have actually identified and adore... to go in search of an earthlike world? Equipped with a small-use jetpack and a cell robotic arm, the gamer must use brains and ability to fix puzzles, unravel the puzzle, and endure the Dead Planet! FeaturesExplore 20 exceptional and atmospheric surroundings on a huge and dangerous planet. Follow a young girl as she lead you previous terrain and mortal lifeforms. Inquire the discovery of an abandoned Russian town. Experience an interesting and interesting storyline through rich images and cinematic cut scenes. System RequirementsOS: Windows XPProcessor: Core 2 Duo or AMD equivalentMemory: 1500 M B RAMGraphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 430 or ATI equivalentDirectX: Variation 9.0cHard Push: 900 M B accessible spaceSound Card: DX9.0c compatible

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