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Tr-Zero Desura Key

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Get discounts for Tr-Zero Desura Key at G2A. Ever needed to perform with these traditional arcade racers like F-Zero XGRA and in your PC? Perhaps need a little 3 9 bikes and Luminescence to shoot at? FeaturesHigh speed arcade XGRA/F Zero type racingRace against 3 9 BikesUp to 8 Participant Community (19 Ai bikes cap)Complete weapon systems allowing one to ruin those 3 9 bikes!6 Race Manners (timetrial, Pure Race, Weapon Race, Removal, Annihilation, Arena Death Match)Xp/Amount up program (improve your bicycle/arms)System RequirementsDirectX 11 Capable GPU (Nvidia or AMD)2GB RamWindows Vista(sp2 + platform up date) / Win7 (sp1) / Windows8 (untested)DirectX End User Run Times (June 2010)Community Interfaces, online perform (TCP+UDP) = 6001 & 6002

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