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Fantasy Grounds - PFRPG Compatible Adventure: The Bleeding Hollow DLC Steam Gift

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Get discounts for Fantasy Grounds - PFRPG Compatible Adventure: The Bleeding Hollow DLC Steam Gift at G2A. Prerequisites: A Complete or Supreme permit of foundation sport Fantasy Grounds and the 3.5E/Path Finder (or appropriate) ruleset which is constructed in for in purchase to play. The Bleeding Hollow is a survival horror themed sandbox design experience by Paizo for the Pathfinder RPG. It's converted from more than 100 pages of adrenaline pumping exhilaration for up to 6 players of 4th to 6th grades. In this experience, the gamers are interested in the little wilderness city of Westden Falls to clear the around environs of an especially vile group of harpies. Naturally, nothing is not as difficult as it seems and the players quickly find themselves embroiled in a scheme between two historical enemies. Everyone becomes collateral injury, and the gamers must use every ounce of brain, survival instinct and strategies they possess to just live -- not to mention assisting these in need... This the foolishly great, or is no experience for the faint of heart. Difficult moral choices must be made which will make your gamers sweat. The experience is created to follow the gamers, rather than guide them. The selections they make will have great value and perhaps repercussions as the activities unfold and the clock ticks down... Actually that is a sandbox design experience that is fantastic. The experience was made to scale for even higher grades, and celebrations with less or more gamers. Everything you should run the sport reaches your finger tips. The foreboding cover artwork is by Michael Drop. Our horrifying and grotesque interior art is by Jason Lenox, the illustrator of 'Through the Eyes of Grizelda' and the forthcoming gamer enthusiast movie 'Zero Charisma.' Fantasy Grounds II Transformation: Cari MostSystem RequirementsOS: Win XP, Vista, 7x or 8xProcessor: 1.6 GHz or greater processorMemory: 1 GB RAMDirectX: Model 9.0Network: Broad Band Web connectionHard Push: 500 M B accessible spaceAdditional Notes: Prerequisites change by the addons installed and the amount of players connecting to your match.

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