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Oknytt Steam Key

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Get discounts for Oknytt Steam Key at G2A. Oknytt is a point and click adventure game where the player takes the part of a little, apparently unimportant creature, guiding it through a shadowy world riddled with challenges to help it locate a spot to go. The game happens in a Norse medieval world and includes numerous beings and places inspired by Swedish folklore. Oknytt's game play is constituted of classic point and click puzzle resolution joined with using four runes situated at the base of the the display. These runes can be activated anytime to activate activities and various modifications in the region around the protagonist. Each rune has a certain component tied to it which have distinct places of use according to what can now be observed in the surroundings. determining what the runes may be used for and the best way to utilise their impact on the atmosphere jointly with the Things at your disposal is essential to you being able to advance through the sport world.  FeaturesManipulate the surroundings around you utilizing elemental powers A distinctive art fashion inspired by the renowned Swedish painter John Bauer Encounter And gather lore about monsters and animals from Scandinavian folklore Totally expressed by the talented Brian Corridor 6-7 hrs of puzzle solvingSystem RequirementsMinimum:OS: Winxp, Microsoft Vista Central Processing Unit:  2.0 GHz CPU Memory: 1 GB RAM Images: Immediate X 9.0c appropriate video card DirectX: Variation 9.0 Hdd:  ; nbsp;Soundcard 1 GB accessible area&: Immediate sound compatible

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