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Get discounts for Brink Complete Pack at G2A. Contains 4 things: Point, Point: Agents of Change, Point: Doom/Psycho Combo Pack, Point: Side Effect/Spec-Ops Combo Pack.Point is an immersive first person shooter that combines single-participant, cooperative, and multi player game-play into one seamless experience, letting you develop your character whether playing alone, with friends and family, or against the others on the web. You determine the battle part you need to presume on the planet of Point as you battle to save your self and humanity’s last safety. Point provides a powerful combination of dynamic battle fields, extensive customization options, and an advanced control system that can keep you returning for more. Brink takes spot on the Ark, a manmade floating town which is on the verge of all out war. Initially constructed as an experimental, self sufficient and 100% “green” habitat, the documented accelerated rise of the Earth’s oceans has driven the Ark to become home to not only the initial creators and their descendants but also to hundreds of refugees. Resistance and Protection forces are locked in a fight for control of the Ark. with tensions between both groups growing Which side are you going to pick? Brink: Representatives of Change  lies, Strategies and agents. Nothing and no one is who they appear with the coming of a boat in the external world as the Resistance and Safety factions offer. In Agents of Change, the conflict for the potential of mankind propagates to 2 all-new districts of the Ark – the futuristic, submerged Labs facility and Founders’ Tower, the iconic spire home the isle’s rich elite. Unleash several new skills in your enemies as work your path towards the recently raised level cap of 2-4 and personalize your character with brand new ensembles and added weapon attachments. Point: Doom/Psycho Combo Pack Expand your customization choices even farther with the unique DOOM®/Psycho combo pack. Each pack includes weapon fasteners and exceptional clothing, tat, arms for your in-sport character. Brink: Fall Out/Spec Ops Combo Pack Expand your customization choices even farther with reg & the distinctive Fall Out;/Spec Ops combo pack. Each pack includes weapon fasteners and exceptional clothing, tat, arms for your in-sport character. FeaturesBrinkNot Only Another Hero – Brink's innovative player customization provides a close-endless mixture of appearances to your character – enabling the look of your character to be really exceptional. As you get more expertise, you&rsquo and advance through the sport;ll have even mo Re chances for customisation. Two Sides to Every Tale – Select to combat as possibly an associate of the Safety or the Resistance through the single player campaign after which choose your sam-e character on the web to perform competitively or cooperatively against other players. Blurring the Lines – Choose your character that is special on the web at any time you pick!  nbsp & Point;enables one to seamlessly go between your participant campaign, cooperative with buddies, and in Tense multi player action. Multiplayer requires the narrative online where it is possible to play with up to seven other individuals (or AI figures) co-operatively as you undertake the opposing faction or with up to 16 gamers competitively. Play BRIGHT& nbsp;– Point uses the recognizable shooter controls that you’re-used to, without frustrating, man-made restraints and adds a fresh attribute: the button that is WISE. When you press the WISE button, the sport gets it occur, and dynamically assesses where you’retrying to get to. Whether you’r e an experienced FPS expert or somebody just getting began, you’ll have the ability to make more sensible choices during the fast paced activity with BRIGHT.Circumstance-Sensitive Targets and Benefits - Objects, communications, missions, and stock choice are all dynamically created based in your job, your state,

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