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Divine Divinity Steam Key

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Get discounts for Divine Divinity Steam Key at G2A. Recorded among the "Best 100 PC Games Of All Time" by Computer GAMER (2012), Divine Divinity is an epic role playing sport with hack-and-slash motion, providing an enormous universe to research and hundreds of things to inquire, commerce and use. The sport chronicles the neverending conflict between heroes and the harmful powers of Chaos used by the Black Ring, a cult of evil that is putting up with. You perform the part of the prophesised Picked One who under the advice of the magician Zandalor should unite the seven races of Rivellon so that you just may become the Divine One and quit the arrival of God of Chaos.This new r e-mastered edition provides help for Windows 7 and greater resolutions. FeaturesAn RPG of Epic ProportionsExperience an experience that can last you more than 100 hrs, full of lots of nonlinear quests and providing a massive globe to investigate! Classless Character DevelopmentYou determine the type of character you wish to be! Start out as a warrior, survivor or sorcerer – each with his distinctive power – subsequently freely select between 96abilities, no matter your type. Hack & Saul Hudson with a TwistFight tons of various enemy types and obliterate them in fast paced fight. Things becoming a bit frantic for you? Pause the game atwill, and consider your time to check out the battle field - or beverage that much required wellness potion. Interaction GaloreDiscover the tremendous number of things that united, marketed, used and can be investigated. Discovered some flasks that were empty and found some mushrooms that were vibrant? Create potions! Got some vile- toxin? Daub it on arrow points or your blade: your foes will not know what hit 'em! Awardwinning SoundtrackEnjoy the dulcet tunes composed by Kirill Pokrovsky, the two time victor of IGN’s "Exceptional Accomplishment in Audio” award. System RequirementsOS: Windows XPProcessor: Pentium IV 1 GHzMemory: 256 MB RAMHard Disk Space: 1.7 GBVideo Card: DirectX compatible 3D cardDirectX®: DirectX 9.0cSound: DirectX compatible

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