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R.U.S.E. EU Steam Key

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Get discounts for R.U.S.E. EU Steam Key at G2A. Goods continues to be limited to Europe!This merchandise may need Uplay report so that you can play!R.U.S.E™ is aone-of-a-kind realtime strategy game that enables players to bluff their enemies to lead their country to success, commanding the action using views that range seamlessly from the heart of the battle field to the total theatre of war. Players will be plunged into the activity thanks to the unique IRISZOOM® motor that provides an interface which allows for easy, high-speed transitions from a birds-eye perspective of the whole struggle, vice versa and on to the warmth of the battle. In R.U.S.E, your mind is the greatest weapon as you fight a war of understanding, where your skill to deceive and mislead your enemy decides achievement. A first in a strategy sport, R.U.S.E reinvigorates the genre by using lie to give newfound depth to the game play. System RequirementsPC System RequirementsOS: Windows® XP (with Support Pack 3) or Microsoft Vista® ( with Support Pack 2) or Windows® 7Chip: 2.8 GHz Intel&documented; Pentium&documented; 4 or AMD® Athlon™ 64 3000+ or higherMemory: 1 GIG for XP / 2 GIG for Vista and Win7Graphics: 128 MB DirectX® 9.0c- compliant video card (ATI® Radeon x 1000/GeForce® 6 Show or better)DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c (incorporated)Audio: DirectX 9.0c-compliant audio cardMac System RequirementsOS: Only OS X variant Leopard 10.5.8, Snow Leopard 10.6.3.Chip: Intel ® Core 2 Duo 3Ghz / Intel ® I7 2.6GhzMemory: 3 GBGraphics: 256 M B movie card (Geforce GT 120/330M or ATI HD4670)Hdd: At least 6.3 GB of free space

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