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GemCraft - Chasing Shadows Steam Gift

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Get discounts for GemCraft - Chasing Shadows Steam Gift at G2A. The most recent episode of the GemCraft show is an original tower defense game, where, rather of towers, stone are the primary weapon to battle with countless hordes of creatures. Put your stone in towers, snares, or amplifiers, change as you want and change them. Even join them to produce better stone with strong capabilities, fall them as stone bombs or activate buildings that are strong, the options are limitless, the option is yours! Fight your way through an epic storyline, facing black enemies and artifacts and unfolding puzzles, as you make an effort to entrap an archdemon using an unknown program, the Lost with no way to eliminate, and to slay the shadows, her avatars. Furious and distressed conflicts await you... FeaturesMore to Research! 25 abilities than 190 Periods it is possible to get and invest ability points on; every time you level up, you get talent factors to devote, but even factors allow you to by giving mana in the beginning of conflicts. More than 400 accomplishments giving you added ability points, and a genuine problem if you need to get them all!9 stone kinds you are able to freely join to make stone that fit your tactical demands.9 conflict characteristics with 7 degrees of stamina each, and 3 conflict problem grades - blend them and pile them to combat difficult battles for more XP and epic loot! Discover talisman fragments you can socket into your talisman for an extensive assortment of conflict bonuses.3 strike charms and 3 stone improvement spells to assist you in conflict - you are going to want them... Quit any time to the conflict or speed it up to 9x velocity, perform with just how you enjoy; manage your stone fastforward, or if you must if you are feeling assured. Summon more creatures by dropping your stone on wave rocks, you could have as many as it is possible to fight, but beware, summoning more will make them stronger as properly, be overly daring and the conflict will be dropped in no time... Go back to any previously completed stage and battle again to get more XP, amount up to get even more strong, in order to get even more XP... After winning a conflict, you may continue in Endurance style - hang on so long as you can with an opportunity for added XP and protect yourself and loot! System RequirementsOS: Windows Vista SP1Processor: betterMemory or Intel Celeron N: 2048 M B RAMGraphics: betterHard Push or Intel HD Graphics: 100 MB space that is available

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