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Age of Fear: The Undead King Desura Key

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Get discounts for Age of Fear: The Undead King Desura Key at G2A. Age of Anxiety: The Undead King is a fantasy change-centered method. The game features a new conflict system, two efforts with fantasy stories that are solid and really adaptable multiplayer and skirmish modes. The tale happens within an fantasy land, where three forces: the Human Kingdom, the Greenskins' Horde and the Undead Legion - are battling for survival and domination. You'll fall upon swift skirmishes, where the co-operation of shrewd unit is crucial. You may see with distant lands both as an evil necromancer or a honest knight. Cities will be conquered by you and ruin historical   skirmish modes and FeaturesMultiplayer! (Hot seat vs. AI vs. Networked Gamers)Two complete efforts: Rise of The Necromancer and The Story of Sir Edward!New conflict system within free geometry! Really strong AI (non-cheating)!38 figures with identifying abilities and charms!30 exceptional conflicts and reward content! System Requirements RAM: 1 GBGraphics: GeForce 2 or betterProcessor 1 GHz

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