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Get discounts for Gone Home Steam Gift at G2A. June 7th, 1995. 1:15 AM You arrive home after a year overseas. You expect your family but the home is not full. Something's maybe not appropriate. Where's everybody? And what is occurred here? Unravel the mystery for yourself in Gone House, a narrative investigation game from The Fullbright Company. Gone House is an interactive investigation simulator. Interrogate every detail of a house that is ordinary to find the narrative of the people that dwell there. Open door and any drawer. Pick up items and analyze them to find hints. Uncover the occasions of one family's lives by investigating what they have left behind. Go House Again.FeaturesA Private Narrative: developed by veterans of the BioShock set and the author behind Minerva's Den, Gone Home offers the abundant, nuanced details of one family's struggles to cope with doubt, heartache, and change. An Immersive Location: return to the 90's by seeing a house where every detail has been carefully re created, and the sounds of a rain storm outside wrap you in the encounter. No Fight, No Puzzles: Gone House is a non violent and puzzle-free encounter, encouraging one to play at your own rate without getting assaulted, adhered, or discouraged. This house needs one to investigate it. Completely Interactive Investigation: find what is happened to the Greenbriars by analyzing a house filled with your family's private properties, and the notes and letters they will have left out. Use your powers of observation to piece together a narrative that unfolds as you research. System RequirementsWindows:• Windows XP SP2 or higher • 1.80GHz Processor • 2GB Memory • Intel HD Graphics 4000 on WinXP/Vista/7 • (NOTICE: Intel HD Image 4000 NOT NOW SUPPORTED on Windows8) • 2GB HDD area Macos X: • OSX v10.7 Lion or higher • 1.80GHz Processor • 2GB Memory • Intel HD Graphics 4000 • 2GB HDD area Linux: • glibc 2.11 or newer• 1.80GHz Processor• 2GB Memory• Intel HD Graphics 4000 • 2GB HDD space

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