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Earthworm Jim Collection Steam Gift

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Get discounts for Earthworm Jim Collection Steam Gift at G2A. Contains 3 items: Earthworm Jim, Earthworm Jim 2, Earthworm Jim 3DEarthworm JimJim was not usually a studly superworm. He was once only a spineless, soil-eater with no actual assignment in his life... But then something surprising occurred. The bad Psycrow was carrying a superb suit, constructed by the prodigy Professor Monkeyforahead, to Queen Pulsating, Bloated, Festering, Sweaty, Pus-Filled, Malformed, Slug-For-A-End, but along the way it had been stolen with a rebel. Although Psycrow killed the rebel, the match fell down landing on an Earth Worm. Jim was put by that twist of fate in handle of an ultra-high tech-indestructible-super-space-cyber-suit. Earthworm Jim found out that Princess What's-Her-Name had been caught and attempted to to save her. Meanwhile, there is a a bounty on Jimmy and a lot of folks are in-line to choose Queen Slug-For-A-End up on on her behalf offer. Now it must be made by Jim and remain clear of Psycrow, the bounty-hunter, till the last conflict with Queen Slug-For-A-End. To do this, youwill need to make use of every weapon and skill available to wriggle your way through tons of degrees that are just plain odd and first. Earthworm Jim 2From Evil the Cat’ rsquo & s;Circus of the Scars’ to earth of Meat, join Jim on a madcap chase on the other side of the galaxy. Saving cattle, thwarting attorneys and out-smarting Psycrow are all in a day’s function for Jim. Are you up to the the task? Is it possible to manage the weapons that are amazing? Outstanding! Subsequently quit reading this. Check it out now! Trust no one, perform it yourself.. Or EAT DIRT!Earthworm Jim 3DEarthworm Jim wriggles back back to motion as the Groovy Defender of Good in a amazing journey of cheese- . Left unconscious by a massive cow-induced blow to the head and clad in his indestructible, high tech super suit, Earthworm Jim continues the fight for truth, justice and well-aerated soil. He certainly will want your help to direct him through his 3D fun house of a brain. But the is a presence in his head, an evil lurking, a black hidden power at function - the brain of Jim is an area that is harmful! In the sport you are able to enter the head where he comes face-to-face along with his worries, joy, memories and dreams of Jim. Each surroundings h-AS games-within- games big amounts where you-go pig - significantly mo-Re and slipping, granny wrangling. You are going to face the strange enemies like Psycrow or the Disco Zombies.System RequirementsOS: WindowsProcessor: Pentium 133 with 3D card. Pentium 166 without components acceleration.Memory: 8 MBGraphics: 256-color SVGA video graphic card

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