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Damned 4-Pack Steam Gift

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Get discounts for Damned 4-Pack Steam Gift at G2A. Contains 4 copies of the match. Damned is a randomized on-line horror game for up to FIVE players (4 survivors and 1 creature). You’ll have the ability to play as one of four individuals trapped in distinct haunted locations (hotels, hospitals, and so on). As a survivor your primary goal will probably be locating your solution, in addition to helping your buddies get out also. You’ll frequently end up to the border, viewing and hearing matters that are ghostly, attempting to get what to and keys to aid in your getaway. And occasionally you’ll find your self working urgently from a creature, who’s there just to locate and kill you as well as your friends. You’ll also have the ability to play as the creature. The game will feature various creatures, each one special in hunting fashion and its game play. FeaturesEvery period in Damnably is randomized: Nearly all the items in a period might or might not seem; them system is Completely arbitrary also, randomizing where it will be be, and which product will show up in the sport; The strategy to win a match can also be randomized;& nbsp the period may activate occasions that are arbitrary to frighten the survivors indoors  Program RequirementsOS: Windows Vista Central Processing Unit: 2.0+ GHz (quadcore advocated); Memory: 3 GB RAM Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 2000+, nVidia GeForce FX 6 series DirectX: Version 9.0 Hard Drive: 1 GB accessible space

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