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Get discounts for ATTRACTIO Desura Key at G2A. Millons of denizens of the Solarsystem appear ahead to the newest season of the reality-show that is questionable: Attractio. In this reality-show, the contestants resolve puzzles that are fatal understanding there's a higher chance of dead. On the other hand, the Grand Award: technology, cash as well as their liberty will be chosen by the victor. Keir Dalek and Mia were selected as the contestants with this season of Attractio. Each one must solve distinct lethal puzzles using devices that enable gravity to be manipulated by them. Little is known regarding the contestants' earlier, but the viewers will find out more about them throughout the competition, as is typical in every time. However there's some thing new: one of these understands something that can alter Attractio eternally... Attractio takes place in the Entretainment Space-Station (ESS), an artificial satellite orbiting Mars. This station is made for Attractio and gets the needed technology (special in the Solar-System) to alter the gravitation of any given item. As normal, Darius would be the be the host of the exciting truth show. FeaturesThe interaction between items with distinct gravitation directions presents various chances. Therefore, the the gamer can resolve in lots of ways each of different puzzles over the game. A Few Examples types of of the possibilities are: Making a zero gravitation objectby colliding two items of the exact same weight and opposite gravitation directionSoftening the the type landingwith a carton with gravitation direction perpendicular to your wall. This occurs as a result of friction between the carton as well as the wall. Gravitation-BoxesA particular type of box that, when touched by still another carton, switches the gravitation direction of the 2nd carton. This can be beneficial perform jobs and to automate some mechanisms in the sport. System RequirementsOS:OR WINDOWS 7 SP3/VISTA SP2/7/8, Ubuntu 12.04+, OSX Cpu:AMD/INTEL DUALCORE 1.5 GHZ Memory:2048 M B RAM Images:512 M B 100% OpenGL 2.1 AND SHADERS 3.0 SUITABLE NVIDIA GEFORCE 8800/ATI RADEON High Definition 4800 / INTEL HD 4000 OpenGL: 2.1 Tough Generate:2 GB HD space

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