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Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns EU Digital Deluxe Pre-Purchase Digital Download CD Key

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Get discounts for Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns EU Digital Deluxe Pre-Purchase Digital Download CD Key at G2A. Release date wasn't announced. Goods was limited to Europe.Contains:Guild Wars 2Guild wars 2: Heart of Thornsadditional character slot for the accounta Miniature Revenant Rytlocka Revenant Finisheryour selection of one of three Mordremoth’s Bane guildhall decorationsa fashionable glider epidermis Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns is the initial expansion for Guild Wars 2. Founded on the theory the journey is the target, the Guild Wars 2 custom is continued by the Heart of Thorns growth of challenging the conventions of MMOs to meet the assurance of what on-line worlds should be. FeaturesThe Command System - Research new training opportunities for learn skills like hanggliding in the jungle, ripping the bark off of heavily-armored Mordrem, or constructing new selections that earn forerunners into a mythical weapon and your character beyond level 80. The Discover of Maguuma - New experiences await you in the center of the Maguuma Jungle. Face the hordes of the minions of Mordremoth, find allies from early cultures, and fight with enemies that are new. Handle challenging team content. Research new world jungle maps that are open. Experience plot lines and occasions. Test your mettle in chef conflicts that are new. Specialties - Evolve your game play. With profession specialties, you will unlock use of new characteristics along with a weapons system formerly unavailable for your profession, abilities, and exceptional mechanics - all of that will transform your career in to something. New occupation: Revenant - unleash mayhem on the battle field with our fresh profession: therevenant and Station mythical powers to slaughter enemies. Enter the area of fight heavily-armored and equipped with all the other-worldly powers of the Mists.Guild Halls - Your guild has roamed the globe together. Now, it is time to time to declare a part of it. Work with fellow guild members to maintain and grow your personal guild hall in the heart of Maguuma.PVP: New Stronghold Sport Style - Collect supply to employ soldiers. Battle of heroes for control. Guy your stronghold to be defended by the trebuchet, and storm the enemy gates to get the better of the guild lord! Use our group attribute that is new fight to the very best of the leader boards and to form teams. Stronghold provides an entirely new means to play aggressive PvP in Guild Wars 2!WvW: New Borderland - Expertise legendary battleground battle like never before in Planet vs. World's newest heart add-on, the new Borderlands map. Browse dangerous heights with ferocious defenders and snares that float your foes to the depths beneath keep the enemy at bay. Map goals may well be more significant than in the past, as they will un Lock new methods, approaches, and perform mechanics that you just will desire to make use of to the edge in your world! System RequirementsWindows XP Support Pack 3 or betterIntel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz, Center i3, AMD Athlon 6 4 X2 or better2 GB RAMNVIDIA GeForce 7800, ATI Radeon X1800, Intel HD 3000 or better (256MB of movie RAM and shader version 3.0 or better)3-5 GB accessible HDD spaceBroadband Web connectionKeyboard and mouse

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