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Sins of a Dark Age Steam Gift

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Get discounts for Sins of a Dark Age Steam Gift at G2A. Sins of a Dark Age is an action strategy game from the creators of Sins of a Solar Empire.

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Research your inventory, equip your Hero and enter a shadowy world full of critical team conflicts, tide-turning quests, rewards that are valued, crafted goods, and tactical trades. Join fellow players to form a party that execute their Heroes will ravage the enemy's military, siege their defenses and after that raze their Keep to the earth. But that's the only the start of the experience!  Thanks for contemplating Sins of a Dark Age Early Access.

Sins of a Dark Age

Soada is still in development so there are missing attributes, bugs, placeholder strengths, unoptimized code, braindead Ai, and equilibrium problems. Yet, even in this state its stable, quite interesting, and has lots of content. Sway and your feedback on our next goals are critical at this phase of growth. Join up, open your Welcome Chest and enter the conflict!

Sins of a Dark Age Steam key

Characteristics Select Your Hero: The whole roll of Heroes will remain free - no grinding! Before heading into conflict customize visual settings and your tactical by selecting your favourite skin, allocating characteristic points and equipping Hero Gear. Conflict the Enemy: Fight in a world that is shifting and decimate your enemies with glyphs strong capabilities and things. Revel in visceral fight brought to life with animation system and an immersive physics. Bodies fall flail will fly and flop as you wreak havoc on the other side of the battle field! Embark on Quests: Adapt your strategy as each experience carries a number of tide-turning Quests. Fend off swarms of plague contaminated vermin, resurrect the undead, snitch the treasure of a Troll, or feed and lift a strong Gryphon! Entire quests to bring in exceptional edges you could utilize to destroy your enemies! Treasure Your Compensations: Gather arbitrary loot after each Fast Play match - Artifacts are the most desirable but even Waste may eventually be convenient! Assemble the best stuff to craft strong uncommon Skins and Hero Gear!

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Join the community marketplace to purchase, sell and trade with other players as you seek the best inventory. Early Access players will get a Welcome Chest including 1 of 3 packages. Berserk Package:Rare Skin (Bombardier Slag)Unusual piece of Hero Gear (Battleborn Ax)Rare Skin Recipe (Recipe: Skylance Torrace)Unusual Stuff (Imperial Brocade x 2)Common Fabrics (Meteor Metal x 3) Merciless Package:Rare Skin (Tundral Skalla)Unusual piece of Hero Gear (Bloodthirst Bracers)Rare Skin Recipe (Recipe: Luna Moth Vexie)Unusual Stuff (FaerieDust x 1)Unusual Stuff (Fungal Spore x 1)Common Fabrics (Moss x 2)Common Fabric (Tatty Linen x 1) Resolute Package:Rare Skin (Fireshroud Atasha)Unusual piece of Hero Gear (Heart of Valor)Rare Skin Recipe (Recipe: Stoneguard Beroth)Unusual Stuff (Subterranean Stone x 1)Unusual Stuff (Stinging Vines x 1 )Common Fabrics (Moss x 3)Here is an explanation of what each package component means: Skin: Skins are accustomed to alter the look of your Hero. In Soada skins can be either bought by you from the in-game Store, locate them in treasure chests, or craft them from stuff that are accumulated. Hero Gear: Hero Gear is just one of the very valuable methods to personalize your strategy before entering a match. Hero equipment may just be found in treasure chests or crafted from substances and is not sold in the Store. Skin Recipe: Skin recipes are just located in treasure chests or loot drops. They may be generally in order that they are generally somewhat precious, the most uncommon thing required to craft a skin. Stuff: These are just discovered in treasure chests or loot drops and must craft various goods like Hero Gear and Skins. Each Early Access package includes enough materials to finish approximately 25% of the contained Skin recipe. 

System Requirements for Sins of a Dark Age

OS: Windows 7
Chip: Intel or AMD 2.8 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Committed GPU with 512mb VRAM supporting Shader Variation 2.0
DirectX: Version 9.0cNetwork: Broadband Internet connection
Hard Drive: 10 GB accessible space
Sound Card:

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