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Get discounts for Cubetractor Steam Key at G2A. Cubetractor is a neo-retroesque actions-strategy- where enemies are defeated by you through a non-traditional block puzzle hybrid vehicle - turret -buildling machinist. The game takes components of a bullet that is grounded as well as a tower defence -hell dodger to give a distinctive gameplay experience presented in a a vintage top down view. You play as Endroi, a happygolucky quadrubot as he strives to to perfect the skill of Cubetracting -- the skill of bringing Blocks. It is a deceptively uncomplicated ability that calls for dexterity, penetrating consciousness, multi-tasking tactical placement and. Solve youare going to need to strategize and struggle your way through tons of enemy installations to reach your goal that is enviable. Features 40 maps for you smash to pull and construct: Degrees carefully made to enhance the dynamics in an automobile mechanic that is unique. Symmetrical Harmony: Why do criminals usually must be more powerful than you? In Cubetractor, the enemy constructions are the exact same as yours, other than they got there first. Getting the better of them is an issue of placement and sensible time. Just indie-produced: Completed by 2 individuals, living off their savings, operating off java joints that are arbitrary. Awards for Hardcore Gamers: The primary levels were created for speedruns. Gather all of the batteries, achieve the target that is ending within restricted time-limits that are impressively -- do that without a scrape -- to make the most enviable of awards. Do not stress, there are choices for those of us that are mo-Re individual. System RequirementsPC System RequirementOS: Windows XP   Windows Vista   Windows 7   Windows 8   Processor: 2.0 GhzRAM: 512 MBHard Disk: 80 MBVideo Card: 128 MB Of Graphics MemoryMac System RequirementsOS: Mac Snow Leopard 10.6            Processor: 2.0 GhzRAM: 512 MBHard Disc: 80 MBVideo Card: 128 MB Of Images Memory

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