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Get discounts for Bad Bots at G2A. As Sam McRae, final surviving associate of the “Titan Hauler” team, you must crack and boost your method through an onslaught of really poor 'bots to discover a method to prevent a possible planet-destroying catastrophe. The secret of what occurred to everyone while you had been in cryostasis originates around you as you wade through the physiques of your fallen shipmates, unloading circular circular into your relentless automaton attackers right after.  FeaturesExplore 170 danger-filled areas throughout the deliver including the Evacuation Bay, Mechanical Robot and Shafts Workshops while the wealthy sci-fi story unfolds within the Marketing campaign Mode. Engage within overcome against a lot more than 2000 deranged robots comprised of several unique varieties, all programmed to eliminate you. Encounter off against 7 deadly bosses, each with distinctive episodes which includes the fireplace spewing Flamebot, electrified Orbs, the lethal grip of the Jack and Spider Sludge hammer’s brutal pistons Defend yourself with 8 robot bustin' weapons which includes your trusty Axe, Gun, Shotgun, explosive Grenade Launcher, Pulsar Weapon and more. Attempt to survive 60 secs against a good endless onslaught of persistent and cranky gun-toting especially, cutlery wielding robots within 3 special areas in Problem Setting. Earn 14 challenging Accomplishments which includes “Operate Amok,” “Best Canine” and “Reaper’t Buddy.” Enjoy complete Vapor and Control Big Image support therefore you may partake within just about all the ‘bot slayin’ benefits from the comforts of your couch. Program RequirementsOS:Home windows XP, Windows vista, 7 or even 8 Processor chip:Intel Primary 2 Duo 1.6 GHZ Storage:1 GB Ram memory Visuals:256MM storage 800x600 16-little bit Colour DirectX®:9.0 Hard Generate:50 MB HD room Audio:DirectX 9 compatible or above

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