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Armada 2526 Steam Gift

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Get discounts for Armada 2526 Steam Gift at G2A. Guideline one of 12 events on their very first interstellar trip from the single earth, until it will become the mighty pan-galactic empire. From the Superstar Chart you must manage your empire, deploy your carry out and fleets study, trade and diplomacy. Story your technique. Explore the galaxy and discovered brand-new colonies. Switch your exoplanets into mighty bastions. Make alliances and pacts, create threats or request for favours - and when the correct time will be right, keep on diplomacy by 'additional methods' and combat it out in a current 3D program that brings to lifestyle the attractiveness and visceral carnage of room fight. All with one objective: to arise victorious and get over the universe. Although deep and complex, with endless strategies possibly, effective help and advisor features help you quickly get upward to speed. Unlike several video games in this type, Armada 2526 concentrates on supplying a video game that can end up being completed in a sensible time, and emphasizes strategy and fight over economic micromanagement. FeaturesTurn based superstar chart for moving fleets, managing colonies, executing analysis, and performing diplomacy.Customizable map sizing and number of gamers, allowing you to construct restricted 2 participant confrontations, or massive galaxies with 50 or even more gamers, and hundreds of hollywood film stars. Map developer included.Twelve animated alien competitions to against have fun with and fight.Full featured diplomacy program, with the intelligent AI and choices to ask favors highly, make needs, and concern ultimatums.Even more than 100 technologies products to study, including advancements in mail construction, terrain defenses, neurological combat, and clairvoyant forces.3D Current battle program for combating huge fights with 100 or even more boats per aspect.Ground fight is built-in into the fight program, allowing marine corps to end up being landed to fight floor defenses whilst ship fight rages over head.Even more than a 100 crafted cruise ship choices beautifully, including mighty dreadnaughts, longer variety missile cruisers, fighters, companies, and asteroids for bombarding exoplanets.Tough The.I. competitors. Program RequirementsOS: Home windows® XP SP3 / Windows vista / Home windows 7&business;Processor chip: 2,4GHz Intel® Pentium® or equal AMD®Storage: 1 GB RAMGraphics: 128 MB DirectX® 9.0c suitable video credit card with -pixel/Vertex Shader 2.0 supportDirectX®: DirectX® 9.0cHard Travel: 3 GB free of charge harddisk spaceSound: DirectX® 9.0c suitable good card

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