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Company of Heroes 2: US Forces Commander - Recon Support Company DLC Steam Gift

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Get discounts for Company of Heroes 2: US Forces Commander - Recon Support Company DLC Steam Gift at G2A. Requires Corporation of Characters 2 on Vapor in purchase to make use of.US Makes Commander: Recon Assistance Organization Focused on cleverness and reconnaissance, this ongoing company Commander relies on its ability to observe enemy movement and react quickly. This agile Commander will supply vital foe intel making use of forwards observers and higher altitude recon sweeps while furthermore being capable to quickly react with lighting operational assistance in the type of Michael8 Greyhounds and Airdropped Fight Groups. FeaturesForward ObserversRiflemen squads see more while inside cover or even garrisoned today.I&L PathfindersA team of We&Ur Pathfinders may end up being deployed to the battlefield. These I&3rd there??s r Pathfinders are usually authorized to contact lower artillery barrages.M8 GreyhoundA M8 Greyhound can be deployed to the battlefield. This quick, armored vehicle will be efficient against infantry lightly. Recon SweepA recon airplane shall carry out a large altitude sweep of the battlefield.Airdropped Fight GroupTwo squads of Paratroopers can easily end up being paradropped into the battlefield along with an From Weapon. These Paratroopers are usually deployed with a randomly established of products. Program RequirementsOS: 32bit VistaProcessor: 2Ghz Intel Primary2 Duo or equivalentMemory: 2GT RAMGraphics: 512MUdem?rket Direct3M 10 capable movie credit card (GeForce 8800 GT or Radeon HD 2900XCapital t)DirectX®:Hard Travel: 30GW free Hard disc spaceInternet: Broadband Web connection

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